I played this for some friends yesterday and one of them told me it was “too funky.” How do you mean? If you’re tryin’ to tell me anything is too funky for your dancefloor then I don’t wanna go party with you no more.

This second single from Dirty Sole’s Dangerous Radio album features Foremost Poets, aka jOHNNYDANGEROUs. All the remixers have some fun by dicing up the vocals. Listen to the Wally Callerio (jazzy) or Brian Heath (jacking) remixes and they are from another planet from one another and the lushness of Iz & Diz’s minimal deep dub.

I find myself reaching for the pitch control on these, sometimes to speed up & sometimes to slow things down, but the funny thing here – I feel like these remixes were made to do just this and to be played this way, to put power back in the hands of the DJs who know more than the two speeds of “open throttle” and “k-hole slow-mo.”