There’s a point in “Bioplastics” where Stingray makes his music growl, and it’s not a cheap thing. It’s a visceral force, like a beast buried alive for a hundred years clawing its way through the earth.

It’s only the first striking moment on DJ Stingray 313’s Molecular Level Solutions and there are many more. The four track EP marks a revival of Micron Audio, on which he released his gnarly Electronic Countermeasures EP in 2011.

What makes those visceral moments so striking is that they come amidst complex arrangements that are so precise they feel like they’re plotted using Mathematica. “Construction Materials From Organic Waste” shows you the skeletal frame and carbon fibers such tightly wound tracks are made from. “Carbon Neutral Fuels” and “Enzymatic Detergents” get right down to the bone, and then beneath the bone to the marrow. The four tracks on Molecular Level Solutions show Stingray at his best: this is danceable sound design, as simple and as complicated as that sounds.

DJ Stingray 313: Molecular Level Solutions (Micron Audio / 12″ Vinyl / Digital / November 2021)
1. DJ Stingray 313: Bioplastics (04:51)
2. DJ Stingray 313: Construction Materials From Organic Waste (04:09)
3. DJ Stingray 313: Carbon Neutral Fuels (04:01)
4. DJ Stingray 313: Enzymatic Detergents (04:57)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.


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