Worlds collide, Kalamazoo and Wales, dogs & cats living together, etc. Mark Hawkins (back to his given name after abandoning his Marquis Hawkes alias) collaborates with Michigan techno don Donnell Knox aka D-Knox on 12th Planet, which follows an earlier joint release on D-Knox’s Sonic Mind imprint named after his stomping grounds, Kalamazoo.

The extended mix of the title track is awash in Detroit subterranean sci-fi vibes, powered by an energy that’s like an idling motor that slowly powers up. But the standout track here is “I Don’t Want To” which fires off like a stick of sweaty dynamite stolen out of Paul Johnson or Cajmere’s bag back in 1995 and stashed in the basement until one day it blows up a whole block. This is a huge track — bursting with energy, with a really dope arrangement that drags people away from the walls back into the center of the room and fucks around a bit until the bassline drops them into a frenzy. These are the kind of kickin’ tracks it takes a whole lot of digging to find.

Knox/Hawkins: 12th Planet EP (Unknown To The Unknown / April 2021 / Digital)
1. Knox/Hawkins: 12th Planet (11:28)
2. Knox/Hawkins: Marimba Magic (05:16)
3. Knox/Hawkins: I Don’t Want To (06:00)
4. Knox/Hawkins: 12th Planet (Underground Mix) (05:36)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by Hype Filter.



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