IndiGhost: Dreamwalker Part II

Immersive as fuck and a joy to splash around in.

Most Synthwave isn’t made for mixing, but it’s nice when they’re made for an extended jam. IndiGhost (it took me way too long to figure out how to say that the right way) has a studied sense of songcraft for his tracks and an acumen that has grown through a torrential stream of music released in the last year and a half. “Pastel Sunset” off Dreamwalker: Part I is quite simply one of the best songs any artist in this genre has yet created.

Nothing on Dreamwalker: Part II reaches those heights but it’s probably an overall more solid and exhilarating EP. “Daft Pink” is an homage to the group’s post-Homework records and has something of Cameo’s low-slung strut to it before it gets all pretty in the middle. it’s also a nice warm up for “Hyperion,” a track of such demented grandeur that you’d think Freddie Mercury had been absorbed into IndiGhost’s magic-making machine. There are a handful of melodies and riffs here that individually could have been ripped out to spawn whole new tracks (most from the wailing guitar solo alone). This guy’s entire discography is immersive as fuck and a joy to splash around in.


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IndiGhost: Dreamwalker: Part II

1. IndiGhost: Daft Pink (05:48)
2. IndiGhost: Hyperion (05:32)
3. IndiGhost: Tokyo Night (06:05)
4. IndiGhost: Myriad (04:51)
5. IndiGhost: Legend of the Dragon (04:27)