The name “Persian” is only going to leap out at you if you’re one of those who already know what you’re looking at. In UK Garage circles he’s the legendary figure who made “Summer Breeze”/”Worries in the Dance” – a 1998 white label that has been a cult obsession among record collectors as well as one of the most in-demand speed garage records in history. His career had a strange beginning as practically every other record he releasedDumps, Shylo, Cannot Face Clash – was a white label release, and he spread his sound around from speed garage to deep house and dragged a heavy bassline through every genre in between. And it seems practically nothing is known about him other than those who actually, you know, know him.

This release from Especial takes two Persian tracks – “Khaab” and “Parvanneh” – that previously appeared on Dont Deal Wid Violence (on wax from Existence Is Resistance). Featuring Middle Eastern language vocals (I would guess Farsi, but I have no idea), both tracks were powerful, dramatic seances that offered brief respites between the cut-up digital OD of “Dont Deal Wid Violence” and “Oracle (Mixin Potions 3).” They set an entirely different mood when taken by themselves, on one record, as they are here: meditative, dramatic, unfiltered beauty with a nod of sorts to Larry Heard.

New remixes are presented, featuring one by Alphonse – another cult figure who has been resurfacing and brings a shuffling downtempo vibe to “Parvanneh.” The remix of “Khaab” is understated and smooth, with sterling steel drums captured with shimmering perfection by Project Runaway, a new project from Alek Lee (Antinote) and Stephan Bazbaz (No Waves). Afro house DJs should be all over this one.

Persian: Empire / Especial
1. Persian: Khaab (05:46)
2. Persian: Khaab (Project Runaway Remix) (07:56)
3. Persian: Parvaaneh (03:03)
4. Persian: Parvaaneh (Alphonse Remix) (06:09)



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