Hard Feelings is the project helmed by vocalist Amy Douglas and Joe Goddard and nearly everything they’ve done has received a reception across a surprising cross section of DJs. It has the flamboyance and over-the-top excess of disco, frequently with an musical simplicity favored by deep house DJs and an off-kilter strut that lights up the eyes of who dig into left-field and lofi sounds.

The remixes of “Dangerous” are everything above and more. The sprawling 9 minute+ mixes by Sheffield producer Crooked Man are on limited edition vinyl but that’s the only thing “limited” about it. Amy is a vocalist unlike any other: it’s impossible to imagine any other vocalist standing in for her on tracks like these. On “Dangerous,” she gets her own groove going and the vibe is infectious. Amy’s voice is pushed up front on the A-side adventure, which is so dripping with sweaty soul it’s raining it down like condensation pooling on the ceiling. The COVID remix has a dark, dubby edge that fits for a song called “Dangerous”: it’s gleaming like a dancefloor renegade, lurking in dark corners for the chance to jump anyone who gets caught up in a nightclub reverie.

Hard Feelings: Dangerous (Crooked Man Remixes) (Domino / July 2021 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)
A1. Hard Feelings: “Dangerous” (Crooked Feelings remix) (9:13)
B1. Hard Feelings: “Dangerous” (Crooked COVID remix) (9:15)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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