Jerome Hill: Toy Box Part 1

The Toy Box series shows techno stalwart Jerome Hill still full of righteously noxious piss and vinegar, making fun, noisy beats.


You ask why kids jumped on board EDM and would thrash their heads to music that had about 15 drops in a 3 minute span and blew their hearing and most of their savings on tickets to do it live. You know the answer: because you did it too. You were young and you wanted to listen to music that pissed off your parents until you were one, or of the age, and then you had been at this long enough that it wasn’t just about being young and stupid and taking questionable pills with cartoon characters stamped on them. You got smooth, you got sophisticated, you made things that could be compared to jazz.

The rest of the world did not age with you, and thank God Jerome Hill didn’t either. He’s been DJing and running record shops since that age and if Toy Box is any guide he’s still full of righteously noxious piss and vinegar. Part One is out now, part two is forthcoming and offers no respite from this. “Egg Roll” is the start of the most bad-ass mixtape you’ve ever heard in your life, a sneak peak into what a rave in a tank retrofitting factory might sound like. “Scez Princess” breaks like really rancid, nasty drum & bass or breakbeat fried up with black techno. Are a lot of people making music that sounds like this today? Hit me up, I don’t hear much. “Mono Skank” (best title ever) submerges you about six feet under the city and holds your head there like you’re underwater.

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Jerome Hill: Toy Box Part 1 (Don’t)
1. Jerome Hill: Egg Roll (05:39)
2. Jerome Hill: Scez Princess (05:55)
3. Jerome Hill: I know (05:47)
4. Jerome Hill: Mono Skank (05:08)