Joey Anderson: Dozen Roses

The electrifying EP finds Joey Anderson back where soul music, techno, space disco and oddball novelty records meet.

Among the mysteries of this world which will be referenced here:

1. How do you pronounce “Inimeg?”
2. Why aren’t people saying it more often?

On the bright side, Joey Anderson’s releases with Strength, Tanstaafl and Avenue 66 have almost certainly drummed up interest in what his home label puts out, and there are worse fates for labels other than being “every great DJ’s secret weapon” – which Inimeg is.

On the title track for Dozen Roses, Joey Anderson conjures a bit of lo-fi magic: primitive synths dance over a deceptively simple beats that lull you in and start messing around with your heart. Each track shifts the tempo into a higher and higher gear, from the sedate “Roses” to the dizzy and emotive “You Ain’t Going Home With Me” featuring vocals by Ebony Ugo and the outright driving “A/E (Absolutely Eclectic)” featuring Ralph Ugo.

Somewhere between soul music, techno, space disco and oddball novelty records, Joey Anderson lives and thrives.


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