The phrase “techno jazz” has been applied to music made by a lot of producers. Most of them are legends. Jon Dixon makes a fair claim here to running away with the term and making it new — and making it his own. His Lineage EP is out this month under the name “minor INVENTION” and there’s nothing minor about this.

“While In Lockdown” is a gorgeous track and the perfect lead both for a record and for a DJ’s set. It lights up with the steppin’ energy of R&B, the indulgent touches of jazz and a beat that’s as steady as a rock. “Spider’s Pocket” follows in the same footsteps but with even more fingerprints of a virtuoso touch. I’ve seen these videos of Jeff Mills jamming with afrobeat musicians in Paris. This is what I imagine the afrobeat musicians would do if left alone in the workshop for a few days with Jeff Mills’ tools and asked to come up with a dope record at the end of it.

It was about two years ago that I told someone who asked about him that I didn’t know who Jon Dixon was. That was before I heard “Times of Change,” “Want It” and the Lineage EP. Right now he’s essential, with a sound that’s as innovative as it is authentic.

Jon Dixon/minor INVENTION: Lineage EP (4EVR 4WRD/January 25 2021/Digital)
1. minor INVENTION: While in Lockdown
2. minor INVENTION: Lineage
3. minor INVENTION: Spider’s Pocket
4. minor INVENTION: 12:03 in 303

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo by EPM.



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