You’ll break a few necks on trainspotting DJs trying to cop what you’re playing with this. Jeremy Sylvester‘s Shaken Not Stirred is one of the perennials from the Nice ‘N’ Ripe back catalog, and if anything the interest has grown over the years with some pretty steep prices for less-than-mint copies circulating among the hyperactive elves of Discogs. This rewind to ’98 features the lurid “Check One!!!”, the frantic search for happiness on “Give You Love,” the upside-down “Sylvesters Groove ’98” and of course the floorsmasher known as “Got To Go.”

Jeremy just put a pretty solid-sounding rip up among his other treasures on Bandcamp, which is quickly becoming the kind of place a young DJ into UKG’s roots can outfit themselves like an old timey one-stop record shop.

Jeremy Sylvester: Shaken Not Stirred (Nice ‘N’ Ripe / 1998/January 2021 / Digital)
1. Jeremy Sylvester: Give You Love (05:18)
2. Jeremy Sylvester: Sylvesters Groove 98 (06:12)
3. Jeremy Sylvester: Got To Go (07:00)
4. Jeremy Sylvester: Check One (06:20)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was not submitted as a promo.



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