Karsten Sollors to Release Kaleidoscope on Street King

The Canadian/Chicago-based producer follows up on the Reactor EP from Farris Wheel with a slinky new EP from NYC's Street King.

Kaleidoscope is the perfect handle for the title track of this EP, courtesy of Street King by way of Karsten Sollors. I think I first heard of the Canadian/Chicagoan producer and DJ on the Reactor EP from late 2017 on Gene Farris’ Farris Wheel Recordings and was curious enough to root around a bit in his mixes then. “Kaleidoscope” is a wavy anthem that rolls through a dazzling array of musical colors and shapes on its way to the break. Piano chords are gradually introduced until they’re part of your biorhythms, driving you headlong into peak hour euphoria. It’s 8 and a half minutes and doesn’t waste a second of it.

Coming March 5, 2018 from Street King (SK 479).

Karsten Sollors: Kaleidoscope (Street King)
1. Karsten Sollors: Kaleidoscope
2. Karsten Sollors: Get It


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