Supercinema 02 Luke Hess

“Firmament” takes you on a thrilling ride, building itself up like a Von Neumann machine raiding a lost planet of rhythmless souls. It’s the lead track of Luke Hess’ new EP and the second from Supercinema Records. Mark this one to lead your set – it’s one of those classic For DJ Use Only records that opens up the whole horizon for DJs who want to set a striking tone for a new set but leave open where it leads.

There are three other tracks on Supercinema 02 and never a let down. “Hidden Dimension” branches off with the same theme – these are cinematic and moody techno at its best. Patrick Russell takes it into some dubby places. “Obeisance” goes in another direction altogether – heavy with synths and bass and built around a seven note melody. This is out on 12″ wax in May and one of a handful of records you even need to think about pre-ordering.

Luke Hess: Supercinema 02 / Supercinema Records
A1. Luke Hess: “Firmament”
A2. Luke Hess: “Hidden Dimension”
B1. Luke Hess: “Hidden Dimension” (Patrick Russell dub version)
B2. Luke Hess: “Obeisance”



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