Luke Vibert Posthuman Unitary Covert Sonic Procedures IV album art

This is not new but it’s probably new for you and if it were 50 years old before I heard it I’d still be vibing with it right now. Unitary Covert Sonic Procedures IV was originally released in “an edition of 100 fluro green vinyl, no digital, and sold exclusively on Luke Vibert & Posthuman’s tour in the USA in late 2022.” If you missed it, now’s your chance: four tracks split between Vibert and Posthuman, individually eclectic and collectively dope as hell.

Vibert’s tracks zero in on a squelchy 303, perhaps as an intentional challenge to see how flexible the acid box can be. I think the contest was won by “Still In Love” — an acid track with shades of soul. It starts with a pitched up disco vocal which does some call-and-response with a demoniacally robotic vocoder, invoking electro lite brite drums and a pinched 303 that duels with the vocals for supremacy. Incredibly fun track and it’s a given that no other DJ on the bill will have anything like this in their bag.

Posthuman’s side begins with the hyperrave anthem “Grad.” This is music for a science fiction dystopia as conceptualized in a Japanese car racing video game. Mad breakbeats ride shotgun with fat pixel-shaped chords that get right up in your face and scream. Acid returns on Posthuman’s “Forever Circles,” an epic tribal techno track that evolves over 9 minutes from a trembling, gentle pulse into a transcendent neuro experience.

⚪️ Unitary Covert Sonic Procedures IV Tracklisting

Luke Vibert & Posthuman: Unitary Covert Sonic Procedures IV (Balkan Vinyl / 12" Vinyl + Digital)
1. Luke Vibert - Still In Love (04:13)
2. Luke Vibert - Android Webber (07:20)
3. Posthuman - Grad (06:27)
4. Posthuman - Forever Circles (09:02)

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This record was not submitted as a promo.

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