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Alton Miller’s latest release AM Forplay is a three track EP of three pure-bred winners. We’re talking smoky, intoxicating, moody but uplifting deep house, deftly programmed, professionally arranged, pristinely mixed, mastered and then pressed onto wax, ready to instantly deliver its emotive musical message in dark clubs and packed basements.

“Sweet Love (dub)” is an alternate dub mix of his “Sweet Love” featuring Mo release from 2020. It emerges from a faintly retro synth solo — straight away you know you’re in song rather than track territory — then heads off into an 8 minute hazy, starry-eyed journey of sweet pad chords, celestial keys and sultry vocal samples. “AM Forplay” has a pretty standard, functional bass line and house beats and retains a steady churning level throughout, all of which is balanced by a chord progression with quite an outré/jazz feel.

“For Me” has a real dynamism to it, spending its first half building gradually building up layers of synths and unidentifiable percussion before billowing out halfway though via some big, rich, stately synth chords into a reach-for-the-lasers devotional moment.

⚪️ AM Forplay Tracklisting

Alton Miller: AM Forplay EP (Mister Bear / 12" Vinyl)
1. AM Forplay (06:52)
2. For Me (07:40)
3. Sweet Love (Dub) (08:05)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement

This record was not submitted as a promo.

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