Razor-N-Tape has been chugging along for over 10 years now, sometimes in the forefront, sometimes in the background (full disclosure: I appear on trumpet on one of their releases) but they always seem to be able to deliver a consistent schedule of quality releases, usually on the more disco related side of things.

But for their latest release, RNT team up with Italian house icons Don Carlos & S-Tone to deliver “Dreaming the Future,” a collection of four forgotten and recently rediscovered tracks firmly in the house side of the spectrum, originally produced under the duo’s Montego Bay alias, for which they released two records on Calypso (a Bologna-based label), in the early ’90s. The results of the collaboration presented here are both quite stunning and quite timeless.

“Music All Night” gets things started, a melodic piano house type affair that sounds as fresh today as most likely as when it was originally conceived almost 30 years ago now. The melodies continue in “Waited So Long,” another piano driven track in the realm of what Don Carlos has become renowned for with a newer generation of ears. The EP also touches on a more sampled disco house sound with the cuts “Keep Dancing the Boogie” and “Gotta Keep Dancing,” both of which are dance floor bombs that will work on a variety of DJ sets.

While this EP can serve as a bit of a time capsule, giving us yet another look back at ’90s club music, it sets itself apart from standard throwback territory by presenting an incredibly well-conceived set of material that still sounds both contemporary and fresh in today’s clubbing environment. Kudos.

Montego Bay: Dreaming the Future (Razor-N-Tape / 12″ Vinyl + Digital)
A1. Montego Bay: “Music All Night” (Deep In Milano mix) (5:11)
A2. Montego Bay: “Keep Dancing The Boogie” (5:03)
B1. Montego Bay: “Waited So Long” (5:23)
B2. Montego Bay: “Gotta Keep Dancing” (4:47)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.


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