Octave One have always been underrated in comparison to their peers and it’s only gotten more pronounced as time as gone on and their overall level of quality has remained sky high. As with Robert Hood and a few other Detroit artists that come to mind, as they’ve grown older and more experienced they keep finding higher ground where many of their peers fear to tread. Decades after “Black Water” it’s questionable they’ve reached their peak.

The live experience is so much a part of the Octave One aesthetic that it’s a wonder their songs stop evolving long enough to get definitive versions on wax. The Reworks EP captures this dynamism as two tracks from their 2015 album Burn It Down (which isn’t even their most recent long player) get polished up, renovated and remodeled for the Spring of 2021.

“Believer” was the track that attracted the most attention from Burn It Down, as it featured Octave One’s collaboration with Ann Saunderson — the same vocalist who appeared on “Black Water” which is still Octave One’s most well-known track among the masses. The tracks here sample two of the many shades of Octave One, and the extended mix of “Believer” captures their often overlooked pop craftiness in full. The dub mix is, in a word, perfection. Another shade: the dramatic side of Octave One is on display on the two reworks of “Whatever She Wants,” dubby in its essence and epic in scope.

Octave One: Reworks EP (430 West / April 23 2021 / 12″ Vinyl)
A1. Octave One: “Believer” (feat Ann Saunderson – extended mix) (6:45)
A2. Octave One: “Believer” (feat Ann Saunderson – dub mix) (6:33)
B1. Octave One: “Whatever She Wants” (feat Random Noise Generation – The rework) (6:33)
B2. Octave One “Whatever She Wants” (feat Random Noise Generation – The ReDub) (6:51)

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