Prince: (Sticky Like Glue) The House Is Ours

Here's that Prince edit everyone's talking about.

I’m sure it’s hard to sling records these days. But I’m pretty sure all you have to do was lift this one’s label above your head in the overcrowded stalls of the modern marketplace and ask softly, “Do you want this?”

A very limited, and, as the label says, “very special unofficial edits, overdubs & unreleased remixed promo 12 inch” of Prince with side A from Timmy Regisford and a B side from Joe Claussell. The scarce nature of this record is to our detriment: this is a remix that should show up in master classes for young producers who want to figure out how to propel warehouses and nightclubs packed with people into a trance without the use of drugs or black magic. Claussell’s edit is 15 minutes and it could go on forever, starting with the primary elements and instruments and building, building, building into peak ecstasy. When the organ shimmies its way into the mix at 2 minutes with proper fanfare to announce the coming of the Prince, that’s your sign to find a place where you won’t be disturbed because… it’s starting now.

Not even sure how to direct you where to find this, because any place that has it will sell out fast. Use google, use your brain, use your powers of influence on your local record store clerk to brown bag a copy for you.

Prince: (Sticky Like Glue) The House Is Ours (Circuit Promo)
A1. “Sticky Like Glue – Our House” (Timmy original Shelter version) (5:57)
B1. “Sticky Like Glue – Our House” (JC extended version) (14:47)


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