Ron Trent’s “Dancin’ (Lost Prescription)” is such an indelible jam that I had that record nerd anxiety at the thought of it being remixed. I was very wrong to worry, because the team assembled by Headphoniq presents fresh takes rooted in the past and moreover with a fine affinity and sensibility about them.

Ed Nine’s remix is wonderful: a throwback to the deep and dense vibe of classic Prescription. The remix by Jordan Fields (who shared the A side with Trent’s “Dancin’ [Lost Prescription]” on Headphoniq’s vinyl split This Is House Music EP #6) is stripped down to the floorboards: just a pulse remains, just a suggestion of the original groove and Fields makes so little do so much. On the B-Side are two interesting mixes, Tom Chair’s disco fuzzed edit and a vibraphone workout from Toru S. Hot stuff!

Ron Trent: Dancin’ (Remixes) (Headphoniq)
A1. Ron Trent: “Dancin'” (Ed Nine remix) (6:19)
A2. Ron Trent: “Dancin'” (Jordan Fields Renix) (7:20)
B1. Ron Trent: “Dancin'” (Tomi Chair remix) (5:28)
B2. Ron Trent: “Dancin'” (Toru S remix) (8:09)


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