If you (like so many British music journalists and tastemakers) lie awake at night worried that there just aren’t enough dance music sub-genres (“Night Bus” or “UK Bass” anyone? No, I thought not.), your prayers have just been answered by Rainer Trueby & Compost Records. Introducing SLOUSE (slo-mo/house), described by the label as “down to earth club music, with a tapping foot under 116 beats per minute”.

Album compiler Rainer Trueby has long been a champion of the more “interesting” side of electronic music, and this double LP sees him digging deep as usual, putting together a truly cohesive double LP of evocative, dreamy music with a distinctly European flavour.

Highlights from this lovingly curated collection include the rare Maurice Fulton remix of Alice Smith’s “Love Endeavor”, Session Victim’s cool yet irrepressible reworking of “L.A. Melody” by the brilliantly named Egyptian Nipples, as well as the achingly beautiful remix of Fetsum’s ‘Waitin For You’ by Paskal & Urban Absolutes.

Overall this is a truly brilliant, well-thought out compilation of languid electronica from start to finish. Fishing In Slower Territories is right; so let’s just forget the whole “SLOUSE” thing now shall we? This music is far too good to be consigned to yet another pointless genre-box.