Snips Sunfire Edits

Sunfire edits take two familiar classics you probably know well and makes them new. This 7″ leads off with a bassline like Bernard Edwards himself is strumming in perfect time on “Sunny Love” — by the time horns kick down the door you know where you are and what you’ve done and it’s much too late to stop. For my money that’s worth the price of the 7″ alone. On the flip is the soulful and smouldering “Dance Of Fire,” which structures an eruption of horns and vocal clips from one of the all time greats with this really dry percussion. There’s a lot to love here with what Snips has done with these tracks.


Snips: Sunfire Edits (Barbershop / October 2020 / 7″ Vinyl/Digital)
1. Snips: Sunny Love (05:15)
2. Snips: Dance Of Fire (05:05)



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