You’d think this was a classic Jersey garage track until you looked at the fine print. Baltimore Chop and Lana J (Svetlana Javoronkova) are a Russian producer and vocalist and “Go With The Flow” is a little DJ-friendly masterpiece. Mr Chop is a student of this shit, one of the finest producers out of Russia in the last couple of years and locks the corners and ducts in sync with the blueprints of the classic clubby sound of New York. Lana J is a new name to me, but I would have wagered her vocal was a classic sample by one of the greats before I wised on this.

This was the sixth release from PRGVSK, Baltimore Chop’s record label, and is already nearly 3 months old. Yet I’m astounded this one is still out there lurking and waiting for the greater number of folks to discover it. Baltimore Chop and PRGVSK bounces around between a few different underground genres, but it’s with this sound that he excels. If you’re a fan of it, there are few better places to stock up.

🔴 Tracklisting

Baltimore Chop featuring Lana J: Go With The Flow (PRGVSK / June 2020 / Digital)
1. Baltimore Chop featuring Lana J: Go With The Flow (feat. Lana J.) (05:30)
2. Baltimore Chop: Go With The Flow (dub mix) (05:30)



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