Stealing Sunrise 2: Malibu Trail (Night Runner)

A synthwave soundtrack for an actual movie, Night Runner's scored pieces and various additional tracks powerfully evoke the mid-1990s American landscape.

A synthwave soundtrack based on a real movie rather than an imaginary one, Stealing Sunrise 2: Malibu Trail collects 18 tracks from six artists for a film set in the halcyon era of the mid-1990s. They do a pretty good job with the setting: in Night Runner’s short scored lead-in, “The Disappearance,” you can almost visualize the close ups, the ambient lighting, the blurry neon pacing the driving scenes and the sonorous chords that evoke a smoggy but discernible LA skyline.

Night Runner’s score carries this with 12 of the 18 tracks. Befitting an action film which toplists two martial arts choreographers, “Dojo Wars” and “Almost There” keep the soundtrack hurtling along on an amphetamine buzz, throttled by the cocaine grandeur of “Nuclear Countdown.” The other tracks provide a soft crash, with Miracool’s “Lollipop Sukkaz” sketching out a facsimile of ’90s Trip Hop and getting it almost perfect.


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