Yet another Whiskey Disco release on vinyl so hot it melts down the wax. This time its a familiar face doing the unfamiliar: deep house and soul producer thatmanmonkz from Shadeleaf Music with four funky edits. “Gimme Skin” takes the Apache break to a kinky kanaval in Port-au-Prince for a new take on a fairly obscure disco track that’s been sampled before (the hump to the bassline is a dead giveaway) but never this good. “Shek Dat” is marvelously diced up from an original and the vocal is seriously one of the sexiest vocals in the history of music. “Thee” is definitely the biggest crowd-pleaser of the bunch and also the most clever pun on the original’s title. I don’t think this label has ever steered me wrong, and if you ever want to see what a person who writes about music REALLY thinks is hot, see what he spends his money on. Everything I’ve written about Whiskey Disco over the years I’ve gotten on my own and wouldn’t have it any other way.

thatmanmonkz: Rumblin’ Through Your Function (Whiskey Disco)
A1. thatmanmonkz: “Gimme Skin” (edit) (5:12)
A2. thatmanmonkz: “Yuh Can Ged It” (edit) (5:24)
B1. thatmanmonkz: “Shek Dat” (edit) (4:49)
B2. thatmanmonkz: “Thee” (edit) (5:45)


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