Admin Adjust Your Love

Listening to the three tracks on Admin’s Adjust Your Love EP feels a bit shameful, like you’re listening to another DJ’s secret weapons pressed on two sides of plastic. The vinyl EP comes from Better Listen, a label I knew primarily from thatmanmonkz’s weird and wild Feels Trip To The District and Ethyene’s Playin’ With Fire. Any label that can find room in their hearts and their homes for these misfit producers has a place in mine.

These are three tracks of jazzy, supremely laidback music – so smooth and so soulful that if you stare in the vinyl you’ll see Barry White nodding back at you. The title track “Adjust Your Love” is like someone backed up Sade with a smoked-up P-Funk – that piano roll is just so perfect in the mix that it’s irresistible. “Easy Love Dub” continues the slow roll, with “Horizon” rousing itself to go on a long ride down Lake Shore Drive.

Admin: Adjust Your Love / Better Listen

A1. Admin: “Adjust Your Love” (6:04)
B1. Admin: “Easy Love Dub” (6:22)
B2. Admin: “Horizons” (5:05)



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