We’ve probably covered Nat Wendell more than any other “new” artist in the last couple of years – reviews, mixes, things like this getting your antenna aligned to another dope record rising on the horizon. Since Brawther first made the introduction, he’s never had a release that’s failed to make me move with inventive but deep tracks that start with a head nod and slowly get the rest of the body moving. We’re in a people moving business, after all, and all the flowery words in the world can’t make up for a track that fails in its essential purpose of getting asses out of their seats.

Renditions is his next release, dropping next week on his Depth of My Soul imprint. This record is all about the drums: everything else is totally subordinate to beats and the serpentine bassline that coils around them. Check it:

Grab this track on wax from Juno or Deejay.de.


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Artist: Nat Wendell
Title: Renditions
Label: Depth of My Soul
CAT: DMS 002
Release Date: Vinyl October 21 2019