Carlos Santana calls it “Supersonic Music” – that moment when the Holy Ghost takes over and only when listening to the tape later will a musician have any recollection of what the hell he was playing.

I strongly believe that phenomenon exists for DJs, and for listeners too. The best tracks I come across – I have no words for. They leave you speechless in the best possible way, and that’s how I know they’re good. It doesn’t really matter how they were made, what instruments or emulators were manipulated by whose hands or whether they simply nicked a long lost Disco riff intact and without shame. You hear it and you know this is going to be a monster and all of the prattling on about pads and dope beats does it justice in the same way that a discussion of Renaissance paint manufacturing would make anyone appreciate the Sistine Chapel more than they do just by looking at it.

“Burning In My Soul” is one of these tracks. Leading off the appropriately titled 3 AM EP from Xio, it simply tees up everything you dig crates for in one six minute package. All four tracks are quality dance music, there’s no question about it, but the man gets in touch with the Holy Ghost on this one, and we are all witnesses. Or some of us: 3 AM (released by the WaxNinja record shop in Moscow) is vinyl-only and in a count of 300 copies – a few of which, one hopes, make half a rotation of the Earth to get this far.

Out: Vinyl only from


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