This mix from the late, great Armando Gallop was originally posted (as far as we know) on Deep House Page as a Real Audio file (remember those?) Their mix archives have gone down, but we converted this to mp3 years ago for our own use, and this seems like a sensible time to give it new life.

It’s rough in the beginning and overall poor quality, which is kind of the reality with many old mixtapes. But something gets through somehow…

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Note for readers: “The Warehouse” refers to the club on Randolph Street, not the original Warehouse where Frankie Knuckles was the resident DJ. Mike Dunn described The Warehouse on Randolph in an interview from 2008 with 5 Magazine:


[The Warehouse] it was on 738 W. Randolph. Frankie opened up the first night which was Halloween. It was supposed to be Joe Smooth and Julian Perez, but they opened up the first night with Frankie so it would solidify their position by calling it the “Warehouse”.

I guest DJed one night and Julian was there. Joe was a little abstract and had his moments when he played some disco and then would go into jazzier material. Joe had a following as well, as he used to do SmartBar. Julian went to Rocky and was like, “We need to get Mike Dunn in here.” They moved me upstairs and moved Joe downstairs. So I took over the main floor.

Eventually, on all of the black nights – Julian had Fridays which was the B96 night, and that’s the only night he wanted to do in that club because he had another club he was doing out in Schaumburg – I took over deciding who would spin at the club. So I hired Armando, I hired Hugo [H.], DJ Cowboy, DJ Emanuel and K-Alexi, but he was playing hip-hop and slo jams. Craig Loftis was my light and sound man. Craig was responsible for the original system.

Originally, there were three partners that owned the Warehouse: Joe Smooth, Julian and Rocky. I got Armando hired there – that was when I started getting on WGCI. I’d do the Riviera on Thursdays and come down to the Warehouse later. I started getting tired of that, so I asked Armando if he wanted to take over Thursdays. So he took over Thursdays, and I took over Saturdays. I would bring Andre [Hatchett] and Gene and those guys in as special guests – I tried to give all of my friends a chance to come in and play.


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