Shaun J Wright & Alinka: Greed (Lovecrimes)

Another spectacular record from the Chicago duo released on Waifs & Strays' Lovecrimes label.

At a certain point saying “Great record!” “Great record!” “Great record!” becomes boring and dull and nobody really believes you anyway. But it’s dawned on me that you can take the records Shaun J Wright and Alinka have made together in the last few years, pair them with the Twirl! releases they’ve A&R’d and play them out and nobody would think you strange or obsessive. There are enough eclectic selections, with peaks and valleys, crests and crescendos to outfit almost any club DJ that plays almost any kind of House Music (the real kind) without getting repetitive. Isn’t that a better endorsement than just stacking a bunch of superlatives atop one another?

Shaun J Wright & Alinka’s latest EP is called Greed, and it’s a case in point. Released a week ago on Waifs & Strays’ label Lovecrimes, it’s got the full palette: the suggestive, anticipatory throb of the title track, backed by a whining fuzzbomb overdrive & topped by Shaun’s soulful vocal on “Feel You Up.” Most artists create different aliases for sounds so divergent, but Shaun & Alinka are pleased to believe that the DJ and listener can handle just a bit more than a spoonful of the full sound spectrum at a time.

“Greed” gets a playful pop remix from Jozif and “Feel You Up” a sharper, clean edit from Waifs & Strays.

Photo by Tasya Menaker.