scott hardkiss

Another well-traveled and well-circulated Scott Hardkiss DJ mix, this one from the Hardkiss Family release party for Delusions of Grandeur, the seminal Hardkiss compilation LP. Information floating around the mix-o-sphere gives this the laternate name “Live at Organic” (which it was) on January 20 1995. Also on the line-up:

Rabbit In The Moon
Robbie Hardkiss, Scott Hardkiss, Gavin Hardkiss (billed as “San Francisco’s Scumbag Disc Jockeys”)

and “notorious sidekicks” including:

Derrick Carter
Mark Farina
Wade Randolph Hampton

We’ll be adding more Scott Hardkiss mixes that have floated on and off the internet over the last 15 years or so. (Soundcloud in particular seems to have really struck a lot of mixes down.)

Photo via Discogs and almost certainly not from this event.