One of the greatest rave anthems of the ’90s is about to escape and go viral all over again.

“‘Raincry’ was one of those tracks that when you heard it in a club it felt like the oxygen in the room changed,” David Christophere from Rabbit in the Moon says. “That you were changed.”

That sonic alchemy is still powerful magic nearly thirty years later as the anthem by God Within (aka the late Scott Hardkiss) has been released with new remixes from Hardkiss Music.

You can probably find one or two exceptions — there’s always an outlier — but almost nothing else sounded like “Raincry” when it dropped on vinyl in 1993. Hardkiss Music says there is no California electronic music song more iconic than “Raincry” and I think that’s just about right. With its sharp breaks and spiritual thirst, the track perfectly encapsulated the “West Coast sound” that was evolving at Full Moon raves and in dingy San Francisco lofts. It wasn’t one-of-a-kind, but it was first of a sort.

New remixes here are by some old friends and some new(er) ones. Gavin Hardkiss leads off with a deeply intimate and emotionally devastating piece of art. David Christophere’s mix was created the night after Scott Hardkiss died, “inspired to orchestrate my feelings of what it would be like to ascend from our physical world into the spiritual one.” SABO of Sol Selectas crafts “Raincry” into an electronic tribal stomp. Four remixes here are from Öona Dahl. Dahl has collaborated with Hardkiss (one or many) in the past and seems to really grok that wide-eyed awe that Scott Hardkiss’ music induced in all of us.

“Raincry” Remixes is out now digitally from Hardkiss Music.



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