Oona Dahl Godtripper album artwork

I have no idea what Oona Dahl will do next. That’s the point, I think. Unpredictable from track to track and release to release, on Godtripper these eclectic sounds she farms for golden souls collide together in the same tracks. The result is unholy. “Godtripper,” the title track, is the combination of fired neutron electro and psychedelic full moon rave wrecker we never knew we wanted because we never knew it existed. It goes on for nearly eight minutes and could go on for nearly eight minutes more without anyone getting fidgety. You might break your neck blending in or out of this thing but that’s where the fun begins, isn’t it? For the b-side artifact “Manic Space,” see above, but substitute wobbly tech house for electro and add just enough witchiness to make you wonder if you’re listening to music or the voice of the spirit molecule.

Oona Dahl: Godtripper EP (Watergate / September 2020 / 12″ Vinyl/Digital)
A1. Oona Dahl: “Godtripper” (7:53)
A2. Oona Dahl: “Godtripper” (Patrice Baumel Psychoactive rework) (7:34)
B1. Oona Dahl: “Manic Space” (feat Dance Spirit) (10:23)
Digital Only: Oona Dahl: “Universe Within You” (feat Dance Spirit) (8:17)



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