Fabian Kash Below the Surface album art

Releasing only a handful of EPs since his debut on Stockholm’s Oh! Records in 2016, and with very little social media presence to speak of, Fabian Kash appears to be one of those refreshingly humble producers who only lets music go when it’s ready and then lets it speak for itself.

His latest three track offering Below The Surface opens with title track “Below the Surface (w Y&J),” a slinky filtered disco groove which just creeps up on you, patiently tip-toeing its way into a sun-drenched feel-good springtime jam.

Second cut “I’m Here, But My Brain’s Not” pulls off the same sunshiney, filtered feel, this time with jazzy electric piano and vibraphone chords over Afro-Latin percussion.

Final track “Hypnagogia” (don’t worry I Googled it — it means “the transitional state of consciousness between wakefulness and sleep”) takes on a very different tone to the previous tracks, introducing a much moodier, late-night feel with eerie synths and hypnotic percussion.

Overall this is a superbly slick and beautifully produced EP.

Fabian Kash: Below the Surface (Oh! Records Stockholm / Digital)
1. Fabian Kash: Below The Surface (W: Y&J) (6:56)
2. Fabian Kash: I’m Here, But My Brain’s Not (6:26)
3. Fabian Kash: Hypnagogia (6:45)

⚪️ Disclosure Statement: This record was submitted as a promo.



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