Terry Hunter/Jill Scott: The Remixes

Four remixes of tracks originally released on Jill Scott's 2015 album Woman, with additional keys, winds or horns, filling out the sound.

Over the last half dozen years, Terry Hunter has taken a niche which used to belong to the industry at large and made it his personal portfolio. Remixing major label artists used to be a good gig – even when the labels were merely using edits for Billboard chart buzz and restricted distribution to the point of scarcity.

Somehow, with some entrepreneurial magic, Terry manages to release these tracks on his own T’s Box label, ensuring they not only get into the right hands via dance music download shops but get into as many hands as humanly possible.

This series of four remixes features the collaborations of Terry Hunter with Jill Scott. The four tracks here – “Can’t Wait,” “Lighthouse,” “Prepared” and “Coming To You” are from Jill Scott’s 2015 Woman album. Of note here is “Coming To You,” which features Mike Dunn with Terry as House N’ HD and pours on the African vibes. Most of the tracks feature some additional production of keys, winds or horns, filling out the sound into a rich, luxurious tone.


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