Rob Threezy and DJ Rampage

Rob Threezy and DJ Rampage mix this week’s SLAPCAST, the Slap Jaxx Podcast techno mix series curated by Chicago’s Angel Alanis exclusively for 5 Magazine.

This set was recorded live at the Techno For A Cause event at Chicago’s Primary Nightclub.

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Rob Threezy:

Since the inception of house, a lot of attention has been focused on Chicago for bringing the freshest sounds and most promising names to dance music. After successfully touring Europe many times in 2009 his appearance has been in demand each and every year. Rob has created an imitable style which transverses genres from house to techno. Known for running his new label Dron3 Recorings, there is no doubt that this will be the “New Jack” out of Chicago. A Rob Threezy production might bring to mind a techno vibe, but at the heart of every track is homage to that hometown foundation sound: HOUSE


… and DJ Rampage:

The southside of Chicago has long been a hotbed for the upandcoming talent and the newest trends in dance music. Setting the pace for the current Chicago sound is its newest favorite sons Ghetto Division who are making their “own lane in the club music game.” Nativeborn Chicagoian Eddie Regalado Jr, AKA DJ Rampage is one of the crew’s most renowned producers. His newest release The War EP, out on Nightshifters has set the standard for the future sound of Chicago, with its blend of rave, bmore, ghettohouse and dubstep. From humble beginnings as a mobile DJ, he’s become a seasoned veteran of Chicago’s club and party scene, taking the decks in the mid90’s to craft a unique style inspired by the city’s own house music. Since then he’s collected influences as easily as praise, combining a love for the recent electro, dubstep, bassline, wobble sound with respect for drum n’ bass, disco, techno, as well as the odd bit of funk, film soundtracks and video game sound effects. A Rampage production is likely to be energetic, houseinfluenced, and unpredictable, yet above all, quintessentially Chicagoian. In an effort to promote this forwardthinking style, Rampage along with Charlie Glitch, Maddjazz and Rob Threezy formed the DJ/production crew known as Ghetto Division, and together have exposed their characteristic sound to the dance music scene. And the scene is listening. Besides a highlypublicized alliance with the New Jersey / Philadelphia based Brick Bandits, Rampage has shared the decks with celebrated and infamous trendsetters by the likes of Diplo, DJ Sega, Toy Selectah, AC Slater, Flosstradamus, and made clubs bang across California and the Midwest, as well as SXSW, Canada, Mexico & Europe.


Slap Jaxx is the name of one of the prolific Mr. Alanis’ labels, and through the Slap Jaxx Podcast we hope to shine a light on a diverse stream of Techno DJs and producers with a focus right here on Chicago and the Midwest.