The full line-up is out and Charivari Detroit has done it again.

The free Detroit three-day festival is held this coming August 2, 3 and 4 2019 at the “green oasis,” West Riverfront Park in Detroit. The three stages includes one devoted entirely to Detroit and the Midwest region’s powerhouse talent of female DJs each and every day of the festival.

Among the talent headlining this year are Delano Smith, DJ Minx, Rick Wilhite, Terrence Parker, DJ Cent, Sonja Alvarez, Al Ester, Alton Miller, Norm Talley, Mike Huckaby, Shawn Rudiman (live!), DJ Psycho, Thomas Barnett, Ladymonix, Stacey Hale and more. We transcribed all of them from the flyer below.

Charivari also features live yoga demonstrations, live art and great food. Aside from the all-female stage there are special curated stages by Detroit Techno Militia and the folks from the late, lamented other free Detroit festival, Tec-Troit.

Charivari is free, but we join in encouraging everyone to help support the organizers as they attempt to defray their costs for throwing this monumental event!

We often worry and wring our hands about the health of our scenes, but so long as Charivari exists, we know we’re doing okay.

Charivari Detroit 2019

August 2 – 4 2019
West Riverfront Park, Detroit

DJs (listed)
Delano Smith, Terrence Parker, DJ Cent, Tony Nova, Sonja Alvarez, Tonny Dennis, DJ Minx, Merachka, Rick Wilhite, Andrea Ghita, Bruce Bailey, Sillygirlcarmen

DJs (Alphabetical Order)
Al Ester, Alton Miller, Ash Lauryn, Baby Giraffe, Beige, Blare the Syren, Chops Knifehouse, Chris Campbell, Christa Shrupp, DarkCube, Dean Jamar, DJ Di’jital, DJ DWin, DJKage, DJ Marinity, DJ Psycho, DJ Roach, DJ Seoul, DJ Sxxy Sauce, DJ Suspence, Dkonz Skratcherz, DJ Dcuts, DJ BET, Esshaki, Gary Chandler, Gia Detroit, Groove Sisters, Gyp$y, Henry Brooks, Isaac Prieto, Jaca, Jenny Lafemme, Kelly Holmes, Kent Clark, Ladymonix, Larsin, Lorenzo Dewberry, Midnite Jackers, Mike Huckaby, Mona Black, Moses Malone, Mr. Drew, Nano2hype, Neil V, Norm Talley, Octavia, Pat Osiris, Rebecca Goldberg, Sara Simms, Sarena Tyler, Shawn Rudiman (live), Simplicity, Sleezy Hamilton, Sloth Bass, Stacey Hale, Steve Crawford-DJ Energy, SuperDre, Terry James, Theresa Hill, Theresa Miss Chavez, Thomas Barnett, Tom Linder, Twin Cousin, Tylr, William Paul.

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