The Hot Mix 5 Festival is drawing near. In case you missed it: they’re on a mission from God and putting the band back together as the DJs from the original radio mix show – the heroes who inspired your heroes’ heroes – have rented out McCormick Place in Chicago on Saturday June 11, 2016.


The festival features more than 60 DJs and live acts, including Marshall Jefferson, Julian “Jumpin’” Perez, Mike “Hitman” Wilson, Tim “Spinning” Shommer, Frankie “Hollywood” Rodriguez, Gene Hunt, Jamie 3:26, Czboogie and a guest appearance by none other than Bad Boy Bill. Live performers will include Tyree Cooper, Fast Eddie, Byron Stingily, Robert Owens and Mr. Lee. (That’s pretty much every damn person who had anything to do with WBMX and the history of the Hot Mix 5.)

It’s fair to say that a collection of this many of the OG Chicago House Music godfathers hasn’t been gathered together in decades. Tix are here, and dwindling.

And now the preparties begin. On June 3rd, Primary is welcoming the Hot Mix 5’s Mickey “Mixin'” Oliver with Mario “Smokin'” Diaz, joined by Chicago Techno pioneers Hyperactive and Frankie Vega. Not a hole in this line-up!

Tickets begin at $10 from



5 W. Division Street
Chicago, IL



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