Blazers’ Groove Sequence Gets Picked Up By F*CLR

Remixed by Ashley Beedle & with a breakout hit "Side2Side" supported by Gilles Peterson and Luke Solomon.

I see where they’re going with this: F*CLR is lifting people up, giving deserving artists a platform and nurturing young talent. This is of course what every label says they do. The people from North Street Studio One are actually doing it though. “Blazers” is apparently a 23 year old French DJ who graduated from free SoundCloud downloads to having his tracks licensed by F*CLR and remixed by Ashley Beedle in a scant three years.

Originally released on Nymphony, Groove Sequence captures the spotlight on F*CLR. The title track is huge – I mean it sounds like a locomotive smashing through the speakers – with some inventive chord progressions. Ashley’s remix packs an entire funk orchestra in the pocket. “Side2Side” has been the breakout hit so far, earning praise from Gilles Peterson and Luke Solomon. The samples are sliced and diced and come fast and furious, as you’d expect from someone raised in or at least around the French Touch tradition.

Blazers: Groove Sequence (F*CLR Music)
A1. Blazers: “Groove Sequence” (6:26)
A2. Blazers: “Groove Sequence” (Ashley Beedle North Street remix) (6:46)
B1. Blazers: “Side2Side” (5:13)
B2. Blazers: “Bel Air” (4:43)



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