It’s crazy how many people play these Beats & Bobs records contrasted with the lowkey manner in which they’re released. There’s no fanfare, no big production: here’s a record you’re going to buy now or five years from now when you re-discover it, so get a move on.

Volume 8 of Beats & Bobs sees Gianni Junior and Rafael Moraes remixing and reFixing (not my term!) two tracks from Karizma. Gianni takes “Just A Thing” from Karizma’s 2013 Wall of Sound album and pushes that addictive little piano loop way up front. The percussion is fuller on the low end, dulling down the blood-pumping jack. Rafael Moraes makes “Klearkut” jump right out of the monitors – it’s a word that’s overused and I try to stay away from it for that reason, but “hypnotic” is the one that immediately comes to mind.

Karizma presents Beats & Bobs Vol 8 / R2 Records
1. Karizma: Just A Thing (Gianni Junior reFix) (05:49)
2. Karizma: Klearkut (Rafael Moraes Remix) (06:58)



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