MJ Cole is here in Chicago and we cannot be more excited! The UK Garage/2 Step/Bass and House Music don has inspired many DJs and dancers since he emerged in the music scene since the ’90s. He hasn’t stopped creating, and his DJ sets are a crazy enjoyable ride on the dancefloor that hits that perfect mix of everything he’s known for.

I had a brief chat with MJ Cole before his upcoming gig this Saturday in Chicago with Roy Davis Jr, DJ Sushi and Czboogie at Vertigo Sky Lounge:

So what’s been going on with you since you last came here last year?

Having kids, DJ’ing and making new music. I released the single “Alcatraz” earlier this year on Redlight’s label Lobster Boy and have been pretty solidly in the studio all year writing and producing for my own project and other artists. I’ll be releasing new music throughout the summer with a bigger project coming in the autumn time. Lots of collaborations, some expected, some less so. Also 2/3rds of the work are remixes to come for some great artists.

Have you been hitting up a lot of the festival circuit lately? I saw your Twitter post last year regarding Electric Forest? 🙂

Yes it’s a massive part of my summer every year! Unfortunately nothing in the States – but plenty across Europe. Playing Bestival for the first time this year which I’m excited for – I’ve always admired that festival from afar.

Tell us about some of the newer music and collaborations you’ve been working on…

I started the year working with some amazing young Grime MCs. It’s something I’ve always done and it’s fantastic that Grime is in such a healthy place now and so many talented kids are coming through and making an impact.

One guy I’d urge you to watch out for is AJ Tracey. His energy and delivery is special. I’ve also been writing with artists from outside the general ‘underground’ world. I think you’ll be able to hear influences from these collaborations in my solo work later in the year.

Any trends and shifts in music that you’ve been noticing lately?

In the UK it’s very generally moving from House to a harder, more Techno sound. This softer/harder cycle happens all the time I think. I just look to play good music that gets people moving.

We’re really looking forward to having you play at Vertigo! What can we expect from you this time around?

You will have to get a ticket and see! First off I’m really looking forward to experiencing a day party in Chicago. But I can tell you there’ll be old stuff and new stuff. It’s unlikely I’ll play any Bach, but I can’t rule it out completely at this stage.

MJ Cole will be playing for the 5 Magazine and Primary Presents party this Saturday, July 16th at Vertigo Sky Lounge (2 W Erie) from 6pm-midnight alongside Roy Davis Jr., Czboogie and DJ Sushi.

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