Garage Favorites from Plastik People’s Collections #6

Record snobs HATE him! Find out the secrets of Marc Cotterell by clicking on banner ads for the forthcoming Volume 6 “collection” from Marc’s Plastik People label. Number six features three tracks from the glory days of UK Garage in the 1990s. Hi Times’ “Journey Into Jazz” was originally released with “Feel It” in 1996 – an evolution from the days of Rufstuff, the early 1990s project by these same two producers (Ollie Redeye and Pete Parsons/Voyager) on the hardcore/D&B label Lucky Spin. “Dedicated to the Clued-Up Stoned-Out Massive,” it still sounds bloody contemporary as hell.

On the flipside is MJ Cole and Daryl B’s twitchy “Dub Train” released in 1997 on VIP (Very Important Plastic) under the moniker “DB Selective.” And closing out is probably the most cherished of them all with Ruff Trax’s Scott Garcia’s “Music Takes You.” Those hazy flickering chords still send shivers up my spin nearly 20 years after it was released.


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