Herb Rhythm has released a slew of sophisticated garage tracks under a dizzying list of aliases, and you have to have an unwise amount of faith in Discogs to believe that’s all there is. A lot are linked by a common chain to Marc Cotterell‘s Plastik People Recordings — by following the names in the credits and other clues you eventually come up with a name and THAT one leads to four or five others too.

What’s important is what’s on the wax instead of the label, and there’s fire in these grooves. “Don’t Go” leads and sets it off with a bang — a gorgeous vocal tempered by a three legged shuffle and stuttering little melody that carries the tune. Of note on the flip is the throttled throwback “U Want Wot?”

Herb Rhythm: “Don’t Go” (Rhythm Vibe / 12″ Vinyl / January 2021)
A1. Herb Rhythm: “Don’t Go”
A2. Herb Rhythm: “Don’t Go (Ease Up George Flip)”
B1. Herb Rhythm: “U Want Wot?”
B2. Herb Rhythm: “Who Knows (VIP mix)”



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