By the age of 33, Mark Wilkinson had put together a pretty successful career in the music industry. He was a resident at Ministry of Sound from 1996 to 1998 with a couple hundred credits on Discogs, including a Top 10 charting remix with the “Dab Hands Retouch” of Lou Reed’s “Satellite of Love.”

One day, his leg gave way and he fell to the ground, unable to rise. Over the next 18 months, his body “froze up.” An incurable disease took away his ability to walk. He devoured painkillers to cope, which doesn’t let you cope for very long, and eventually declared bankruptcy amidst depression, loneliness and suicidal ideation.

If that sounds like the lead-in to a book, that’s because it is one. Life Remixed is a new book from Mark Wilkinson outlining his incredible story and the path, techniques and strategies he used to recover. Now a health and happiness coach, in Life Remixed Mark “aims to help others make positive change — be it addiction, health, relationships, money or any challenges around negative thinking.”

Mark made 5 Mag a playlist of six positive records that fueled his recovery and maybe will help in yours for our S E L E C T series.

Mark Wilkinson picture


Chic: Good Times (Atlantic)

“A timeless classic, sampled in hip hop, pop and house music alike, we did have a lot of fun and good times back in 1988 when house music first hit London nightclubs. I was 18 and it was party time, every night of the week.”


Brothers in Rhythm: Such a Good Feeling (4th & Broadway)

“Absolute classic track, we felt great back then and these vocals and pianos uplifted us beyond belief, but eventually for me it had a downside. The addictions got out of control and times got tough. Thankfully now I’ve created those good feelings without the self destructive element.”


Ministers De La Funk feat Jocelyn Brown: Believe (You’ll Find a Way) (Subliminal)

“This is so true, and what a vocal from Jocelyn Brown! I believed in myself enough as a DJ to forge out a career but not enough to be a superstar. Now I’m choosing to believe in myself to help a million people with Life Remixed.”


Ashford & Simpson: Found a Cure (Joey Negro Remix) (Warner Bros)

“Yes, I did find a cure, it took time and a process of elimination to get there but I’m glad to say it was worth the journey. This tune has been an uplifting disco track used as a baseline for many excellent vocal tracks, and this Joey Negro remix is a timeless classic.”


Alicia Myers: I Want to Thank You (MCA)

“This is another timeless disco classic, makes me smile every time I hear it as all these tracks do. I had to learn to live a life of gratitude, I was taught to say thank you a lot but it was never explained to me why. It actually took being reduced to nothing by an incurable disease and bankruptcy for me to learn to be grateful for everything in life.”


Pharrell Williams: Happy (Back Lot Music)

“The first time I heard this I went straight to the 24 hour video online and listened to it as long as I could. What a record! I never tire of hearing it as it does exactly what it says on the tin, keep smiling and be HAPPY.”


Mark Wilkinson’s Life Remixed is out in February 2021 and available for preorder now.


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