Maybe they’re trying to change the conversation from the backlash of their recent attack on journalist Peter Kirn. But German hardware manufacturer Behringer has announced a new DAW under development.

“This is a massive undertaking,” the company posted on Facebook, “which will take at least 18 months.” The post claims they’ve created a “large development team” and that the Music Tribe DAW will “include samples and VSTs plus connections to third party VSTs.” (Edited for punctuation.)

The news comes after Behringer faced backlash for a bizarre series of posts in which the company mocked journalist Peter Kirn with a 3D mock-up of a product called the “Kirn Cork Sniffer.” Synthtopia had a pretty good rundown of the controversy.

The name (a reference to Behringer’s corporate parent Music Tribe) has been used by another recent Behringer endeavor, mentioned at the end of the post as an afterthought. is a Reverb-like site for buying and selling gear and like the DAW it’s for free. Free Music Tribe was launched in early February but was largely overshadowed by the controversy.

Music Tribe DAW will compete in a crowded field of free DAWs of varying complexity and usefulness, among them Cakewalk, Ohm Studio, Tracktion T7 and Garage Band.