We are saddened, shocked and depressed by the news that Andreas Gehm has passed away.

The German producer had released music on labels including Chicago’s Mathematics by Jamal Moss, Creme Organization and others under both his own name and an array of playful and creative aliases.

We wrote just a few weeks ago about a compilation of more than 100 tracks that had been assembled as a fundraiser for Gehm, who was suffering from an undisclosed illness and related intolerable pain. Gehm’s social media posts in recent days had become increasingly pessimistic, mentioning doing many things for the final time (one, featuring “Ibiza” from Amnesia, stated “sad enough i never heard this loud in a club, and so i never will…”) and expressing an exasperation as doctors failed to help.

I was not privy to the extent of Gehm’s condition when I wrote about the fundraiser. We weren’t friends (even in the social media sense), but this is simply heartbreaking. I’m sorry for everyone that was. The selfish part of me wishes he was still here; the compassionate part is relieved that he is finally at peace. I wish I had a better answer for him. Rest in peace, Andreas.


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