When a successful producer and DJ with over twenty-five Top 10 releases in the past two years decides to pick up and move from one end of the country to the other and open up a club, you know there’s a good story behind it.

Kenny Summit has an impressive discography, and is the man that birthed that mystical Frankie Knuckles/Eric Kupper song that featured Lou Rawls. (Hint: it’s coming out later this year under his label Good For You Records.)

Living in New York, opening up clubs was nothing new for Kenny. He had been a part of almost a half-dozen projects while there, working with nightclub legends such as Mel Cheren of West End Records and David Sarner and John Blair of Studio 54 fame. But living with one of New York’s most eligible bachelors and promoters in a big snazzy loft made it hard for him to really focus on making music the way he wanted to.

Deciding to make the big move from the east to west coast was no small decision. But his initial doubts were eventually assuaged by the fact that there were so many House music lovers in LA. “I quickly made friends and began to explore the vast underground House scene that L.A. is becoming known for. There are TONS of house based events going on each and every night. And now with my new venue the House community can have a home base of sorts,” he explains.

Fast forward to today, and Kenny has just opened up his own club, The Cure and the Cause, to much fanfare and after much preparation. With the aid of some good partners such as operations manager Lisa Brubaker, top event planner Linsey Latimer and LA nightlife staple DJ Fido, opening night was a massive success.

“My focus is to shed light on the locals here in L.A., as well as feature talent from the House world who many not be stadium level but are super talented, nonetheless,” Kenny explained to music4lovers. “Cure And The Cause is about one thing, the music. We’re creating a specific vibe for each night of the week, so you won’t come in one Friday and hear Loco Dice and then the next Friday have Danny Krivit playing.” Nonetheless, you can expect a quality nightclub that will deliver good House music with solid resident DJs no matter when you go.

Opening night featured Eddie B from the Hawt and Jello crew, Master Kev from New York and local Ricky Kong. Some of the other DJs rounding out the month will be Oscar P, Juwan Rates, Jeniluv, San Francisco’s David Harness, Jask, Eddie Amador, Colette, Jay J, Brian Coxx, Lars B, San Diego’s Soleil crew, DJ Mes, DJ Dan, Grammy winners Eric Kupper and Stonebridge. Reelsoul will be having a residency and there will also be his label’s weekly “Disco Does It” party.

When asked for photos of the club, Kenny reiterates that they have a strict no phone/no camera policy because the phenomenon of forty people all taking videos of the DJ has gotten way out of hand. And as for what the club looks like? You’ll have to hear about it the super old fashioned way: by word of mouth.