“The title Snacks can mean a lot of things,” Gerald VDH tells us. “Men can be snacks. Sex can be a snack. Drugs can be snacks. Sex toys can be snacks.”

Gerald is the founder, mastermind and ringleader behind the MEAT MARKET parties in Austria’s capital Vienna — parties described by tourists, locals and die-hards as justifiably “infamous.” After almost a decade of techno parties rooted in the LGBTIQ+ community and a reputation as a DJ willing to “give his life to save a punter’s night out,” he’s composed a 10 track album of fierce techno alongside tracks that can best be described as fun, outrageously leftfield pop.

“It took me well over a year to produce the music contained on this album,” Gerald tells 5 Mag. “I did not want to produce another typical techno album that has 6 to 8 techno tracks and some experimental music or ambient to round it off. I wanted to show my personality and take some risks as well.

“I felt I needed to do something different, because that’s just what I do and who I am. I guess it will come down to a love-it-or-hate-it situation. Judging from my experience that’s not necessarily a bad thing at all.”

Snacks also features artwork — what appears to be 3D renders of 3D printed sex toys wrapped in barbed wire — by his “dear friend Jesus Florez from Bogata, Columbia. He did the whole visual concept.”

June is PRIDE month, with events that some people in the world will be attending for the first time in two years. If he could play his new album at any PRIDE event at any club in any city in the world, we asked, where would that be?

“I will play tunes from this record everywhere I travel. My agency and I hope to put together a decent tour in fall. For me the most important gig that’s coming up is I Berghain on June 18th. I am so excited that I can play these tracks in my favorite club on earth. I hope to join as many pride events as possible, because this is where I belong. This album is full of gay pride and I guess you can feel that on every track.”

Snacks from Gerald VDH is out now on 2×12″ vinyl & digital from MEAT Recordings.



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