Nearly a year following the death of Scott Hardkiss, his fellow producers, DJs and legendary collaborators Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss have partnered with Scott’s widow, Stephanie, to re-christen Hardkiss Music as a record label – and to release a forthcoming Hardkiss album titled 1991.

Samples from the ten track LP have been uploaded to SoundCloud and make for a pretty interesting guided tour through the last two decades that the Brothers Hardkiss have been in the public consciousness.

Track 8, “Feeling Scott Through Romanthony,” is a tribute both to Scott Hardkiss, who died of a cerebral aneurysm on March 25, 2013 and Romanthony, whose death was confirmed in this space last May.

Hardkiss has also begun a fundraising effort for the 2x 12″ vinyl LP through

In addition, Siesta Records has just posted a series of Hardkiss Remixes for “Revolution”, the opening and closing tracks on the album. Siesta previously released remixes of “Revolution” from DJ Spun, Sleazy McQueen, Atnarko and Adam Warped in 2013.



The full release for 1991 is below:


A year after the heartbreaking loss of Scott Hardkiss, Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss have partnered with Scott’s wife, Stephanie, to relaunch the Hardkiss Music label with the release of a new album – Hardkiss 1991.

Back in 90’s San Francisco; Scott, Gavin and Robbie Hardkiss helped pioneer the American EDM/Rave scene with their club nights, warehouse parties and groundbreaking record label. They forged a new direction for dance music with a string of vinyl releases culminating in the seminal compilation, DELUSIONS OF GRANDEUR.DELUSIONS made the Billboard dance charts, went to #1 on the Rolling Stone alternative album chart and launched the international DJ/production careers of the Hardkiss brothers.

Reunited in the Bay Area three years ago, Gavin and Robbie have produced a new album that stands tall in the often repetitive world of electronic dance music. Named for the year the Hardkiss collective was formed, 1991 references the sounds and sentiments of their early rave days while exploring new musical directions.

Recorded in San Rafael, California, the album took shape in two home studios that are separated by a hillside hike. Most of the songs feature Robbie Hardkiss on vocals with additional vocals by Austin’s Tameca Jones and New York rapper turned singer, Scavonne.

To facilitate the release of singles and remixes, Hardkiss reached out to other labels.

San Diego’s Siesta Records have already released remixes of REVOLUTION by Rong Music’s DJ Spun, Sleazy McQueen, Atnarko and Adam Warped. This Spring, they will release Hardkiss remixes of REVOLUTION including a classic Scott Hardkiss remix. Scott’s mix was unfinished at the time of his passing. Gavin and Robbie got the audio files from Scott’s Brooklyn studio and completed an emotional remix in San Francisco. Elements of all three Hardkiss mixes were used to create 1991’s opening track, REVOLUTION (Hardkiss Brothers Mix).

Austin label Whiskey Pickle is releasing the single RETROACTIVE-FUTURISTIC-PSYCHEDELIC-FUNK-BUMP with remixes by Hawke, Q-Burns Abstract Message and James Curd of Greenskeepers.

Wishing to remain connected to their vinyl roots, Hardkiss has also partnered with UnCut Records to manufacture limited edition double vinyl records of the album 1991. The records (including an mp3 download code) are available along with special N.I.C.E. Collective designed t-shirts and flags on the Hardkiss website.



  1. […] But after listening to the new Hardkiss Music album that Robbie & Gavin conceived before Scott's death – it's called 1991 – I realized that this isn't the end. The album isn't a tribute, or not purely so. It isn't remixes of old music. It isn't a closer. In a slightly different configuration, after more than a decade in oblivion, Hardkiss really is back again. […]

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