High rez audio streaming platform Qobuz has announced they’re dropping their price of their high quality music streaming plan by $10 per month.

Founded in France, Qobuz (pronounced “co-buzz”) launched in the US in February 2019 with a service that begins at 320kps audio quality and ramps up to FLAC 24 bit audio. As 5 Mag wrote at launch, Qobuz

specializes in so-called “hi resolution” streaming, offering tiered packages that begin at 320kps quality and escalate upwards in both quality and price. While the lowest tier is comparable in price to its competitors ($9.99/month for “Qobuz Premium,” which is kind of like calling a small cup of coffee a “tall”), it escalates up to “Qobuz Studio” which promises FLAC 24-bit up to 192KHz quality for $24.99, or $300 per year.


It’s not clear if there is any great demand for Qobuz’s highest tier streaming – their chart of most streaming tracks (see image below) shows a heavy preference for the Beatles, Bob Dylan and other boomer-tier music compared to Spotify – but they’ve announced they’re dropping the monthly fee down to $14.99 per month. That’s still 50% more than Spotify, Apple Music and other platforms and is good for the “first 100,000 subscribers” through January 31, 2020.

Qobuz has aligned itself with a number of high-end audio companies and places significant emphasis on its classical, jazz and (of course) French-language offerings. Another high rez streaming platform, Tidal, has formed an alliance with automobile brands in an attempt to find its niche.