It doesn’t have the most creative name but Mixcloud Live would seem to fill a gap that currently exists in our new pandemic world – enabling DJs to broadcast live on a platform where most people would want to see that.

Mixcloud Live is the platform’s new program which enables live broadcasting. Created in response to an “unprecedented level of demand” for livestreaming from users of the Mixcloud platform, Mixcloud Live will feature live audio (and video if you want it) from DJs.

Mixcloud is also warning that the system has been built on the fly in response to the coronavirus pandemic and the shutdown of the live music industry and is likely to have bugs. “Please note that we’ve built Mixcloud Live and released it much earlier than we’d normally do,” the site notes, “and consequently there will be technical bugs and user experience flaws.”

Livestreaming from Mixcloud requires a subscription to Mixcloud Pro, a computer and internet connection, streaming software similar to OBS and, if you want video, a webcam. A full guide to getting started as well as some suggestions on livestreaming have been published by Mixcloud here.

Mixcloud has also extended a free trial offer for Mixcloud Pro – 90 days for free, followed by $15 monthly.

In 2019 Mixcloud introduced Select, a subscription program similar to Patreon for DJs.