Moog launches GIANTS video series on pioneering electronic music

Watch the first episode here...

Synth maker Moog Music has launched the first in what they say will be an ongoing series highlighting early electronic music and some of the key artists and innovators behind it.

GIANTS, which launched today, will focus on preserving the legacy of electronic music’s early pioneers and “sharing their untold stories with the world”:

GIANTS is a platform for legendary electronic musicians and innovators to express themselves through the art of storytelling. The artists in this series have left an indelible impact on electronic music history and culture, and their contributions have pushed the artform and industry forward. They are the “giants” whose shoulders we stand on—the pioneers who propelled synthesizers and analog instruments into the mainstream many years ago.


The first episode (embedded above) focuses on Moog synthesizer co-inventor Herb Deutsch. A teaser for future episodes mentions Bernie Krause, Suzanne Ciani and Mute Records founder Daniel Miller.